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“You don't have to be vegan or play acoustic guitar. This is just a logistical arrangement and you can be whoever you want to be within it.”

Communes are stereotypically “for hippies” and I am stereotypically “a square” and very much an introvert. I particularly enjoyed the points that reinforced the concept that you can be who you are, who you want to be, and there isn’t any one way to commune.

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I've really enjoyed reading your pieces. I particularly connected with this one. I live in a communal housing complex (Radiance Cohousing) and it has definitely lived up to... well, a lot! Having such wonderful neighbours has proven time and time again to make life more enjoyable, manageable, and connected. And for me, the importance of our little community especially shined through during covid and becoming a parent; I can't imagine going through those experiences without living here.

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Loved reading this.

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