What Do We Do Now That We’re Here?

What Do We Do Now That We’re Here? is a series of interviews and essays exploring how to live amidst a climate emergency, chronic instability, and the gnawing sense that the future doesn’t look so bright no matter what we do from here. It’s been featured in the New York Times, Outside Magazine, and New York Magazine.

As we just barely ascend out of one crisis (Covid) and descend into an exponentially larger one (the climate emergency), I’m interested in figuring out the most sane way to live now. A reporter at heart, I’m asking people with experiences and insight that are far more interesting, diverse, and evolved than my own. I aim to talk to people who are living lives that seem to respond to the moment honestly and bravely, rather than discordantly and full of denial.

This project is my own frank acknowledgement that the future will be very tough, but an investigation into whether it can be beautiful, too. It is my attempt to find the place between denial and nihilism, and to set up a life there. It is my invitation for you to join me.

Who Writes It?

I’m Rosie, a writer based in the UK. For ten years I was a journalist whose work was published in places like The Guardian, Quartz, VICE, NPR, Sierra, Outside, Wall Street Journal, Pacific Standard, Lucky Peach and others. As a reporter, I’ve done a lot: aggressively covered the lack of regulation in the cruise industry; questioned the impacts of “live like a local” travel; chronicled gentrification in east London; covered the weird world of wellness, from Instagram life coaches to “all natural” birth control, — and lots more.

I started this newsletter in 2016 as a form of self promotion. Over time, it morphed into something else entirely: A place to write about the things I was thinking about and not saying out loud — about the shortcomings of my ambition, my tenuous spirituality, and how my inner landscape was often at odds with my outer image.

Now, I’m interested in matching the inner with the outer, and writing from a framework that the confines of modern digital journalism didn’t allow me. I have a hunch that if we are to make the world better, we have to turn our awareness inwards first.

Learn more about my work: rojospinks.com // @rojospinks